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Tuesday, June 21, 2011
I have been struggling with wanting to blog some thoughts on life in my school district. Some are happy thoughts, some are frustrations but I just need to record them for me... so that I can see what God is doing. I don't journal anymore, and I am not the best at blogging either. But this upcoming school year I want to get into the habit of reflecting everyday!! IT's something I did when I first started teaching. I used note cards to jot down 3 things that went well each day. It was a survival technique given to me by my principal at the time. I loved looking back and seeing how far things had come. I learned a lot from them. I want to figure a way to get them into my lesson plans. 

There are so many questions right now about our district... pointing of fingers, blaming others. It's not pretty and it's far from over. But amid it all are sweet little faces of the future, they are the reason I teach. And the reason that I get into so many arguments with Thomas. I know he doesn't get the passion I have but I know it's the same passion that makes me the person he loves. This would be another reason for wanting to reflect. I want to be able to put the days to bed as I leave school... not drag them home. Ok I'm a realist... they will always come home with me. We've been out of school 13 days now and my heart aches for those little faces. 

I love that we have summer tutoring in our building... it allows me time in my room. At first I was not happy... the people in the rooms across the hall I didn't know and I knew that I wouldn't be able to work in my room. But I got the lucky straw and drew one of my teacher besties as the one in my room. I basically opened up all that I have to her. ;) I gave her the keys to everything... not something that I would have done for just anyone.

I've been thinking alot about next year... I guess the drama in the district has me thinking. There are some boundaries that I need to draw, and I'm not good at that stuff. The happy side is that I have TONS of ideas!! Almost too many...but I am starting with the way I schedule my day. I am going to work stations and discovery time. I will have work station time during our literacy block and again during our Math time. Then at the very end of the day I will have discovery time. I'm really excited!! I think that I want to start off school with camp Kindergarten! I've loved the idea ever since I first heard Dr Jean talk about it. Now to see if it will work. Then right after camp kindergarten, which will get us used to the school and the rules, I want to Chicka Boom Room where the abc's explode around my room!! I want to build a palm tree and make big letters to go on it! This is where my cricut gets a work out!!

And I think that after upteen years of being kinderbees, that I am ready for a change. UGH... did I really say that? My classroom is #9 so it's not the easiest to come up with a rhyme, and my last name is Day...again not the best. I am thinking jungle theme...maybe? I bought this super cute digital art set to use, if I go in that direction. Here it is:

The are from Graphics by Woofy World at Mygrafico I think they are SOOO cute!! I was going to use them on take home folders, classroom labels, desk tags.. you name it and it's getting an animal. Now here's the question... do they look to baby for Kindergarten?

I am a little scared that they are too young. But they are SOO cute!! I was thinking I would use the monkey, giraffe, lion, elephant and zebra for daily stuff. The pig would be cute during farm and mrs wishy- washy stuff.  Or maybe I should just stick with the bees. 

On the note of things not said... I'm in DESPERATE help with this blog. I need FREE to extremely cheep help. What I want done shouldn't take long but I just can't make it work. I don't know enough code, I'm self taught and know just enough to get VERY frustrated! Good think the kids are out of town... they would have heard their momma say things she never says!! ;) I think I am going to make up some labels just to see how I like them... maybe Math journals labels. I'll post them when I get them done.

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