Monday, December 19, 2011

Can you help me?

Hey teachers I need your help. I am working on something that I might list at TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers). I've used some of these items in my room but I didn't know if other teacher might like them. The deal is that I created them kind of open ended and defiantly differentiated. My kids are still struggling with the tricky teens so right before the break I made this worksheet. The point of the sheet id for the child to write the number several times ( I tell my kiddo's how many times to write it- usually 5). Then they cut and paste the small pictures on to the large page. For this page, I had them gluing paint brushes on the paint bottle. I've also had them glue them beside the paint bottle- another quick look at those positional words. Since some of my kids have no problem discarding extra pieces, I made this sheet with 20 paint brushes at the bottom. The second sheet only has 11. This is the one that I use with the kids who still struggle to stop when they reach their number.  This is that group of kids that can count orally and can count a set number (if you are looking for how many) but they struggle to stop counting when they reach the desired number.

So here is where I need your help... can you download the pages below and critique them? I know there are not any directions on the actual pages, and that might be something that a teacher would want to have. If this becomes something that I sell on TPT there would be a "how to use these pages" at the beginning of the download.

Tricky Teens page


  1. I thnk this is a great idea to have students practice counting. For the purpose of informal assessment I prefer the one with 20 paintbrushes because then you will know whether they can identify only the specified number or not. But I think you should make both available for the reason you specified above. Even though it is somewhat self evident I would definitely appreciate instructions. Looks good.

  2. Your blog is adorable! We gave you the Liebster Blog Award! Check it out on our blog.


  3. Yes both are a great idea...because we know some kids need a little extra help. Directions before hand for the teacher.....and that's it! It's super cute! Good work!