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Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Hey guys... I am wondering if you use "I can" charts in your centers? I thought someone talked about them recently but I can't remember who or where! UGH... I SO wish blogger had a search feature for the blogs I follow lol... that would make my life SO much easier!

Oh, I was back in my classroom today! BOY did I miss those guys! I was only there half a day because I had to go back to the dr. He basically said that it acts like I do have a tear but he wants to do everything possible before looking at surgery. So I am back at work with the restriction of only being able to walk or stand for an hour! REALLY??? ok so we will do all we can... oh and I have to wear a brace but I do not have to be on crutches... I'm supposed to be seated in a chair. YEA on the no crutches... and hopefully I won't have to have surgery but I am looking at more than a month to recover. ;(


  1. Debbie Diller talks about "I can" charts in her book "Literacy Work Stations."
    Take care.
    Forever in First

  2. Do you use Google Reader??? I use key word searchs to search through blogs i follow there....SOOO helpful!!!


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