hold please...

Monday, July 30, 2012
Those can be the most annoying two words in the English language. I love when calling the dr or any other office that the sweet voice on the other end utters "hold please" and then click. Your on hold. With the wonderful opportunity to interview for not one but two dream jobs, I feel like my back to school plans are on hold. I mean really who wants to set up two classrooms, right?

So I feel antsy and jittery, because I know those precious minutes of set up are ticking away. So I've been working here at home trying desperately to get organized. Not working very well. And I need to add here that I am somewhat disappointed with what I have seen at Target so far! I so needed some more of the alphabet stamps and number stamps that they had last year. Maybe it's just my Target but I am surprised not to see many posts about the dollar spot either. But I am LOVING the Target back to school ads!! This one is my favorite:

I'm also waiting for a final grade on my last class to graduate. Funny how the class ended Friday (as in just past) and I graduate this Friday... ugh! I don't remember being this stressed at undergrad. Maybe the passing of years has wiped that memory away. LOL... I did find out that I walk either way. It's just one way I get my diploma Friday night, the other way I have to work some on the portfolio from hell some more.

So I'm hanging out is "hold please" land. Listening to awesome music on spotify, reading, and trying to organize.


  1. Too hilarious - that's my favorite back to school commercial, too! And my hubby just looks at my like I'm a total lame-o whenever I sing along to. But seriously, be glad you have a Target. I'd have to fly on a plane to get to the closest Target, one of the (few) cons to living on Maui - oh and we starting school TODAY!!

  2. I'm your newest follower! I just read about your job opportunities and I will pray for you! When does school start?


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