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Wednesday, July 18, 2012
I am thinking about centers for the coming year. I seem to always struggle at the VERY beginning when we don't know enough centers. I have been blog hopping and looking at different center ideas. One thing that I keep seeing is to practice, practice, practice. Which is leading me to the question how exactly do you practice?? How do you practice when you might not have materials for every child?

I think that I tend to struggle with practice early on because I am not sure what to do with those who don't have materials. Maybe I am missing something but I would love to hear how you start teaching center, and how you practice them. If you have this posted somewhere please link it for me. Thank you!


  1. When I taught kindergarten, I often started the year with more "play" centers - playdough, blocks/legos, small dramtic play (littlest pest shop) etc. My Biggest Rule - only 2 kids to a center!!! After about 2 weeks (mostly because every day it seems like a new kid shows up and you are constanty starting everyday all over like its the first day!) I would preview a center - getting all ooh and aah about it and say something like, "everyone will go, but everyone can not go today. Today could be your lucky day and maybe you get to go to the special new center..." by this point EVERYBODY wants to go to the new center (which is more literacy based). I introduce 1-2 new centers (abc magnets, pocket charts, stamping,etc) each day. All the while, really reinforcing super good behavior. Slowly the "play" centers morph into literacy centers - making letters in playdough, using legos with letters written on them to biold names, color words, etc.
    Just my thoughts - hope it helps :)

  2. I agree with Connie! A few other center/station ideas that I use in the first weeks include Boggle Jr., travel-sized Blokus, Memory, Uno, and a magnet table. Most students are familiar with the concept of games, plus these choices are perfect for two children.


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