Writers notebooks in kindergarten...

Sunday, July 22, 2012
I am SOOO excited about using a writers notebook this year. I have a plan to start out with four tabs (ideas, works in progress, finished, and helps). In between the works in progress and finished section I have cut a two pocket folder down to 8.5 x 11. I am trying to move away from single page writing prompts in to something more authentic. In the book Already Ready, Katie Wood Ray and Matt Glover use a folded blank book to mirror picture books. This is where I want to start!

This is a journey... so I expect things will grow and change as the year moves on. Here is a picture of the tabs... I printed them with a picture to help us find the section we are looking for. Then I decided that at the beginning of the year, or as new students come in, that it might be easier to use colored tabs.

 The orange pocket is to hold our books, those we are working on and those that have been shared.
The plan is to start working on books on the first day of school but I am not introducing the notebooks until later in the week or the second week. I want to spend a lot of time building the idea of story telling with a partner. I really think that the first week is going to be crazy full with procedures and activities so this will be a nice break!

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