checking in... graduations and jobs

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
I love the little world of blogging!! You guys are such a support system!! I'll start off with the dream interviews.... the first one (kindergarten) I was SOOO nervous for. I couldn't calm my hands from shaking. I have not officially heard but at this point a week later, I am pretty sure that I did not get it. And you know what... I'm ok! This morning at 9am central time I get to interview for the pre k position!! I am  much calmer than I was last week. So we shall see how it goes. I'm posting this quickly so that I can get back to getting ready!

My bigger news is that I graduated on Friday!! MSE baby! I'm so proud... and I can hardly believe that I did it! This is the layout of the floor for graduation. I kid you not half of the education section- the biggest one on that map- was MSE grads!! ASU has a wonderful online masters program! My little family sat on the first row and yelled and cheered. I was sad because my mom and kids left before it was over- I wanted a picture with them sitting in their seats. So I got one of DH, Sherry (step mom) and dad... he's the one with the camera.

Here are some pictures!
And one more... ME!! Karen Day, MSE


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