My birthday is coming (and a TPT sale)

Saturday, September 22, 2012
Birthdays in kinderland crack me up! The kids are always so excited and I can't help but catch their excitement. I've had two of my kinders turn 6 this month. I do birthday's differently than I've seen others. I don't make it a HUGE celebration because I don't want anything to distract us from our learning. I give the birthday child a sticker first thing and we sing happy birthday during the morning calendar. Then we go about our day. At some point during the day, we make birthday poster for the birthday child. The poster is half size chart paper that I pre glue Carson Dellosa cake to.

 The kids take home their posters that day.  I write Happy Birthday and their name on the cake. It's cute and easy. I've tired pencils or treats but I found myself forgetting...ugh. But this works and the posters hang on my chart stand so I am ready at any second!

Since my kinders have gotten so excited about their birthdays, I have decided to have a Teachers Pay Teachers sale in honor of my birthday!Sale runs Sunday to Tuesday.
Hope you have a great week!

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