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Saturday, January 5, 2013
Ever since I attended the kindergarten conference, I've had crazy ideas. Ideas that I should be doing things differently in my classroom. No so much my teaching, although that is inspired as well, but more in the set up and procedures. So before the break I decided to get rid of all the extra tables in my room. I had my kids really spread out- you know to cut down on all the talking. I think it didn't work well for me. Yes other kinder teachers in my building did it that way and it might be working too. I started to feel cramped and we really weren't using all the tables. Out they went and I talked to my kids about a project that we will be doing this spring. I want to find out if my kids learn better if they can choose where they are going to complete a project or if we really have room to spread out. So we talked about how teachers do action research projects (the big grown up name for "I have a question and I am going to work on finding the answer") My kids got all excited... one even asked if it was like being a scientist. Why yes my little it is! ;)

I spent the last few days of my break working in my room. I moved things around and I bought carpet squares (don't have a picture of them yet). I think I am most excited about those because we will all have a personal square and be able to spread out to do projects on the floor. And cleaning my room just got easier, too!! Just a broom and I can sweep up all the little pieces on the floor. I can't wait to get started!

Here is the view from my door. 

This is the carpet square area. I have our new calendar pieces up. And the houses at the top are our word family houses.

Here is a close up of the calendar area... and the word family houses.

This is the view of the hall. I changed out the owls and put up a banner. SO much better than what was there!

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  1. I just saw your post in the Kinderland collaborative group and thought I'd come say hello! I work for the North Little Rock School District. I'd love it if you would check out my blog! I do not teach in the classroom anymore but I work with K-5 teachers and maybe some of my posts may be of interest to you! So excited to find someone that is so close!


    The HiTech Coach


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