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Sunday, July 28, 2013

I am linking up with Fabulous in First for this random post about the little things in my world. My littles and the mister in my life spent last night camping. I am SO blessed that they leave me at home. The mosquitoes think that I am their personal buffet! So I had a wonderful night of me time! And what did I do???

First I set up a facebook page ( It's new and little but soon will be growing! I'm really excited about that end of social media!

Then I worked on printing and laminating. The cards in the picture are from DeeDee Wills Nursery Rhyme bundle. SO cute!! Anyway, my love for this laminator has been an uphill climb. But I'm officially in love. It's supper easy and by getting the laminating pouches at Sam's I am saving money! I get 200 pouches for around $20. LOVE it!! Now I've also decided to change my organization of centers. I might be loosing my mind but I am SO tired of loosing pieces to games and then finding them later in the year only to struggle to put them up. Then summer hits and I am remaking games. So I have tried clear pockets and 3 ring binders... nope not for me. So last year I went to a file cube. Only problem here was that pieces fell out of the files. Not to mention that I couldn't decide if they should be filed by skill or by theme or by month!! NIGHTMARE I tell ya!

 So this is what I came up with. These are the same tubes that my math stations are housed in. I like how neatly they store and our fire marshal doesn't freak about them being stacked in our rooms. That could be a WHOLE other post... why the fire marshal makes me CRAZY! Any way.... I have decided that each month will have a tub. The tubes have super cute labels. In the tub will go ziplock bags with centers in them. I have also decided to laminate the black line master! Really this is a sanity issue, because I am known for handing out the master to that last child who does not have a copy. Then I'm rushing around to find the file to make more. Super easy now... if it's laminated it's meant to be in the tub!! I've also turned some of the recording sheets into dry erase practice. My thought here is for those kiddos who rush through and still have time at their station. They can practice on a laminated copy first and then transfer to a "turn in" copy. I also thought that this might be a good way to manage what is turned in and what isn't. 

I will be back in my room tomorrow. The mister is going to work on adding some wheels to my cubbies and some hemasote 440 to the back so that it can be a bulletin board. I'll be sure to take some pictures!

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  1. love the idea of laminating the master...but I would definitely need to splurge on my own laminator to do that...doing that on the school laminator would be a big no-no! But very clever indeed! (or maybe I just need to do what I usually do, and put it in a page protector...but then it's far too easy to pull it out when a student "needs" a copy...laminated, I just can't give it away!)

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