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Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Ok y'all I suck as a blogger! No really I do! I make all these plans. Mark squares in my planner. And the square goes slipping by! I have SO much to share and yet I can't seem to get it posted! So I am trying something new. Fingers crossed! And I apologize up front if I become an epic fail. lol!

Let's see... where to start. Well I LOVE love LOVE my new school! I love my little ones this year! I have some tough cookies but I love them! My tiny little classroom is an adjustment, as is not having the technology that I used to have, but a 5 minute commute and being right around the corner from my daughters school is a DREAM.

I miss creating things for my kids to use. I just haven't had the time... oh ok keepin' it real here... I have not managed my time well. There I said it! LOL! What I have done this year is lesson plan, lesson plan, lesson plan, and spend time with my kids! Here is the deal... new district new lesson plan format. And WOW is it a lot. Like hours and hours a lot. But here is the super cool thing that makes it all worth while. I get to pick my daughter up from school! Yep, it's awesome to have a reason to leave work at a certain time and be able to hang out with my kid! Now here is the hard part, I love spending time with my kids and I am horrible at time management so blog gets ignored as well my time to create.

Let's see what else, oh yea. If you follow my blog you know that I suffer from IBS and that this year I was diagnosed with an enlarged liver. It's been a rough year health wise for me. And we've made a lot of decisions about our family when it comes to what we doing to be healthy. I promise to get into that more later, but for now I want to say that I have come off all medications for both issues and am using essential oils and other holistic approaches to treat my issues. I plan to add some information about essential oils and Young Living (the company that I purchase my oils from) and the Lemon Droppers (the Young Living team that I am part of). But in the mean time if you have questions about essential oils please email me ( I LOVE to share how my life has changed!

Now some fun stuff. We marked two items off our bucket list this fall. The first was to see the Eastern  Caribbean islands of St. Martin, St kits, Puerto Rico and Haiti. We took a cruise over Thanksgiving and I LOVED it! Yep lots of love happening right now! The eastern caribbean is stunning but not what I had imagined. I could easily go back to any of the places we went. Then for Christmas, my family went to Disney. I have always wanted to be at Disney on Christmas Day. We did that! I got to see Elsa "ice" the castle and it snow on Main Street. I have been very blessed this year.

That would be me and the mister. We were on our cruise over thanksgiving. He is pretty wonderful! I'm blessed to have him in my life!

And me and the kids hanging out on the ship! Love these two more than words can say! 

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