Summer 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
So it's day one of summer vacation- took it long enough to get here thanks to snow days and a certain pair of dancing shoes, newly retired thank you! We are headed out on a trip to the west, all 5 of us piled in to a truck pulling s camper. All 5 are me, the hubs, thing 1, thing 2, and grannie. It reminds me of the picture on the cover of The Relatives Came. And after 24 hours in the truck we are all past ready to be at our destination. 

Thing 1 is watching downloaded episodes of her favorite show. Thing 2 is building with mind craft. The hubs is driving. Grannie is sleeping. And me, well I am the problem child of the bunch. See a little over 24 hours ago I turned in the keys to my classroom. And my brain has already flown in to planning for next year!! 

Yea that is a horrible problem to have! And it's only compounded by the fact that I don't have a definite teaching assignment. I know there are worse problems but to a planner this is the nightmare on my street kind of nightmare. I know that I won't be moving far from kindergarten, if I move at all. I might go to first grade or I might go to Pre K. Honestly Pre K excited me more than first but I'm up for either. 

A year ago I was moved to first grade and that sparked the whole changing  schools and districts.  I love kinder and my heart is there. I don't really want to move to first but I like the team and would enjoy working with them. However Pre K is where I really want to go if I have to leave K. 

So here I am, trapped in the back seat between thing 1 and 2 with a brain that won't shut off! This summer I am reading and blogging about what I am reading. I also hope to work on some things for tpt. Games mainly that I am using in my classroom. 

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