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Monday, September 21, 2015
Hey Y'all

Each school that I have worked with have had different requirements on what gets posted for standards. I've had to post the standard as written. I've had to post the standard in kid friendly terms. I've had to post a standard and the learning activity that matches. That one my friends was a NIGHTMARE! It's only like I teach many standards with one activity or anything.

Let's be honest, there is not enough time in my day to write and re-write standards that hang on a wall. The standards don't always make since to kinder kids. But ask them to answer a question and most of them understand how to do that. I started using essential questions a few years ago to guide our learning. We would start a unit or lesson with a big picture question that we would work to answer. But yet again I was stuck writing questions to go with the standards. Not any more! I found these, or better these found me.
I got an email at the beginning of September asking me if I would like to take these little beauties for a test drive. I JUMPED at the chance. I had to see if these questions would work for me. When the box arrived I tore into it eager to get started. The first thing I did was watch two videos. The first is about the product itself. The second showed me ways to use the learning targets that I might not have thought of. Think of it like a training video

The box that these are stored in is VERY sturdy. The lid flips up so that it can't be lost. The box comes with the cards and dividers that are labeled with each section of the common core (both literacy and math). I was also sent a blue pocket chart that the Learning Targets fit into. It's nice that there is a pocket chart that is the same size and I don't have to fit it in to a pocket chart that it doesn't fit into.

I love the quality of these cards. They are nice and thick and the box is strong. I like that the card itself has the standard on it. This makes putting them away easy and it lets me know if I have the right card to go with the standard that I am teaching. I like the size of the card. They don't take up much wall space. Now to the big question... the questions. This is the part that I was most interested in seeing first hand. I like the questions, some of them are better than others. Some cards have 2 questions on them. This helps with really getting to the heart of the standard.

This is a product that I think most teachers will really like and use. The quality is high, very high actually. The font used is easy to read from a distance. I also like the words used. I know that seems silly but the wrong word choice could have killed this product for me. The words used are perfect for the vocabulary of 5 and 6 year olds.

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