What ya' thinking about?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Hey Y'all!
It's finally hotter than hell... with a ton of summer left... here in the south.  I love my summers off because I don't have to get out in the heat. ;) This week there have already been so many things that have gotten me thinking... I mean deep big world kind of thinking! So many things that I wish I could say but my momma taught me better. hehehe.

My heart is breaking for the men and women who lost their lives in Orlando. I can not imagine what a person must be like to kill that man folks! It makes me worried about our future. My prayers for those who lost loved ones.

This week is the first of two weeks of teacher training that I am doing with Arkansas A+. Many months ago we secured the rights to show a video by Dewitt Jones. He was a photographer for National Geographic and has created this movie about "Celebrate what's right with the world". Kind of um... timely given what is happening currently. I HIGHLY suggest that you look at it. Mr. Jones really shared his heart and reminded me why I choose to stay positive, even in times when life is dragging me down. There were so many things that he said that hit home. But it also set me on my own path of thinking.

I realized that I had lost the ability to celebrate what was right in my classroom.  I was being pulled down by all that was wrong... learners are too low, student behavior, and the demands placed on working in a high needs school. I was no longer looking for the things we could celebrate. I had lost my passion and that was a choice! I sat as we watched this video and thought about how easy it was to be so unhappy once the choice had been made not to celebrate. Mr. Jones has a unique perspective that really hit home. He talked about a time he was sent to an area to photograph a field. When he got there he was frustrated at the lighting or the field or what ever that day and he decided to leave and come back the next day... but the next day became the next week. When he returned the field had lost the dandelions and had turned into the puffballs. He talked about how he almost left again but was drawn back to what he had been tasked to do... celebrate what was RIGHT in that field. So he changed his perspective and the photos that resulted were AMAZING!

I had a field but I was never able to do what he did. I couldn't get around to celebrating what was right... or what was going right . I couldn't see the beauty right in front of me. I know that this lesson I can learn and won't be stuck having to repeat it. Look at that beauty....

So this week is pretty amazing. I feel like I've been plugged into the mother ship and am being healed. I needed this. I needed this more than I knew. The faces, the conversations.... all are a tide that is helping me so much.  I have been able to show people my passion for technology in the classroom. But even better I have been able to help them celebrate what is right with technology and grow a deeper love for the potential. I feel like the puffball flower above... gosh it looks like it is ready to explode with potential. That is how I feel!

I still don't know what I am teaching and I sure can't plan anything BUT... and this is a big ol' wide BUT I am going to celebrate this time! This gift that was given to me to rest, recharge, and celebrate!


What ya' reading this summer?

Friday, June 10, 2016
Hey Y'all!

I've been on summer vacation for all of 5 days and I still can't believe that the summer time has finally arrived. This summer I have a couple of books that I want to read. But I also want to know what you are reading this summer. So here is my summer reading list....

I've already started 17000 Classroom Visists Can't be wrong and I'm in LOVE!!! This books would make a gear book study for a school or team. Since I am unsure of what I'll be teaching this year my view point has shifted from what I apply specifically to K to looking at the bigger picture. The authors actually suggest viewing this book through the lens of big picture first, specific to you second.

So tell me... what are you reading this summer?

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