the cleaning continues...

Friday, December 31, 2010
and it feels SOO good!! Thomas is going to take all the junk out to one of the salons and dump it for me. I'm tired but it feels SOOO good to be this free of the clutter. I wonder if you can get addicted to cleaning??

The next big challenge will be orgnizing what is left. I am hopeful that it will come easily, the organizing, because I have GOT to get ready to go back to work on Monday. I have a new student who is starting and I need my info pack ready to go. I also have to get my report cards copied and turned in (I think we turned a copy in... maybe I just kept a copy). I also have TONS of lesson plans to get streightened out. I'm so loving where my kids are... they are more advanced than any other K class. I'm impressed with how quickly they are growing when I ramp up the pace... so that's my goal this nine weeks. Keep the pace ramped up!

I am also working on the cutiest little thank you cards... which some of my teacher friends will be getting as a back to school surprise. I am using the Cricut Hoot n Holler cartridge and Magnolia Papers from My Minds Eye.  I'll take a picture when I get them finished ;)  Well enough of a break... back to cleaning I go! Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

Purge is defined as...

Thursday, December 30, 2010 says that purge is to rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify. As  I approach the new year that is exactly what I am doing. To rid myself of the impure or undesirable- from crafty to emotional- I am getting rid of the undesirable to become purified. And Icurrently have 5 bags of trash!! Yes I am horrible about keeping things... either the guilt of impulse buying or for fear that someone might remember what they got me 12 years ago for a present but I hang on to it. Well I'm not doing that today. I am tossing anything that has not seen the light of day in the last 1-3 years. I am also pulling the bandaid off the scrapbook wound and letting it heal. That purge was most needed and actually feels like the weight of the word is off my chest!! Who knows I might even try my hand again at design teams or getting things published. Who knows! LOL!

 I am searching for a word to inspire me this year and originally I was thinking about the prefix re- so that I could add what ever I wanted as the year moved on. But some how this feels like a cop out. So here I sit thinking about the word purge and wondering if it could be my word. The shining light that drives my insanity or if it will be a giant dud of a word that leaves me in the mud.

So I must wonder what others are thinking in reguared to their word for the year...

AC JT Jump Jump

Monday, December 27, 2010

To say we are having a great holiday season is an understatement. We did many family things before the holiday. Early in the week we did most of our present shopping. Since I already am used to 5am wake up calls, we were out very early and opened most of the stores we went too. Anna Claire was the best shopping buddy and I missed her when I needed to go along. On Monday I got to eat lunch with Amanda, who I taught with last year. I really miss teaching with her. On Wenesday we saw A Christmas Story at the rep. It was WONDERFUL!! Jason Harper was the lead and did a great job. I was worried that the stage production would not live up to the movie. Boy was I worried for nothing. We had Christmas Eve with Dad and Sherry. We went to their Christmas Eve service and then enjoyed fellowship with Uncle Ed and Linda. The kids loved being able to see them both. Christmas day brings celebrating with Grannie and Grandpa and then off to Nana and Poppa Bills. To say that we are tired at the end of the day is an understatement, but it is so wonderful to spend the day with so much family. The day after Christmas is much like having a hang over. The kids can't seem to figure out what to do first and the day can break down in to tears. In one breif shining moment... the kids played just dance 2 and giggled the whole time. Ah one glorious reprieve from the constant back and forth I hear daily. So the above video clip taken by my phone is from that breif time... oh and the kids scared the puppy to death!! She climbed into my lap to hide ;)
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