Walkin in a winter wonderland!!

Monday, January 10, 2011
It all started on Sunday... the anticipation of the coming snow... the wondering if we would get enough to close school...and then the first flakes flew! The weather men really thought that the snow would start after 3pm, but mother nature let loose at 2:30 with HUGE flakes that quickly covered the surfaces.

This is my car covered in snow. I took pictures of it along the way to show how much snow we got. By the 6pm news they had closed school and we had about 3 inches of snow on the grownd. Everything was so peaceful and quiet outside. I love the sounds of snow covered areas. Simply wonderful.
Bailey wasn't sure why we were all so excited at first. She could tell that something was happening and would bark at the snowflakes. The first few trips outside were hard for her... she didn't like the feel of the snow under her paws and she would stick her noise in the snow and then look back at me.  But this morning she was running and playing in the snow. She still needed short times outside but she seems to love playing in the snow. Lucy on the other hand LOVES the snow and playing in it. She is SUPER happy to burrow with her noise and then flip the snow up. It's quiet funny to watch.

At the end of the snow fall we ended up with 5 inches. That's a LOT of snow for our location. I love that we got that much snow... I know I prayed hard for it (along with a few others). The weather men are saying that tonight we might get a touch more... but not to expect much since this round will go farther north. I would love nothing more than to have it dip south and dump some more snow on us!!


  1. It's snowing here too, I'm hoping for another snow day tomorrow!!

  2. Baily is SO adorable in the snow! Totally jealous. We almost had snow here in WA, but now the weatherman has said that it is now going to be 1-2 inches of rain.

  3. Wow..all that snow makes me glad I live in the desert..but I'm a wuss when it comes to being cold!! It does look beautiful and very peaceful though, so if I could stay nice and warm inside, I'd probably enjoy the snow!! ;) oh and Baily is so, so cute!!

  4. Bailey is so cute!! She'll have so much fun playing in the snow! It's lovely.

  5. Great photos! Your puppy is so cute! Glad y'all are enjoying the phone.

  6. OMG! I don't know what us Cali girls would do with all that snow. Very cute dog. Bailey is having fun. Come visit my blog at www.ksimonedesigns.blogspot.com


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