Dearest Target...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
My dearest Target,

all these wonderful ladies in teacher blog land are finding great surprises in your dollar spot. Why am I not? I am ready for you to have bins full of wonderful and inspiring items, not the one or twos that I have dug through and found. Please take the time to think of me and fill your bins!

Thank you,

No my target isn't full to the gills with teacher stuff in the dollar spot and I'm not happy about that!! I did find a few things when I was there last.  Here is what I did find:
* photo cards that have traffic signs on them- environmental print and then on a ring in construction when we talk about transportation.
* number set puzzles and upper lower puzzles.
* the cutest community helper cards EVER!
* foam shapes (left them out of the picture but they will be in math centers)
* and green egss and ham- how is it that I have all his other movies and not this one? Problem solved.

I've also been printing, cutting and getting ready all the wonderful shares I've been seeing!! The kids are done with helping ;)
Oh, I ran by Knowledge tree just to see what was new and I found a super cute set of monkeys by creative teaching press and a chicka chicka tree by carson dellosa... ok it's not really a chicka chicka tree but it's going to be my chicka tree!! (Don't have the money to build the one of my dreams so this one will have to do).

I also got in my buckets from Really Good Stuff. I am going to use them for my classroom library. Since one wall in my room is painted a bright sea blue (aqua?) I got pink and green buckets. I am so excited about them getting here!! This is what I ordered:  the large pink and green ones. The blue of my wall looks like the blue in the photo. I am going to make labels for them this week. I am thinking about re- labeling all my library books. (don't tell my daughter- she will scream!) I can't wait to get the labels done. I'll share them here incase anyone else is interested in them.

I have a blog give away planned if I can get to 25 followers I'll give the details on how you can win. (hints: dollar spot, route 44) I've also got some more Math station ideas to share... just need a better way to get pictures on the internet.


  1. My Target is the same way. I never find any of the good deals that the others are blogging about. Don't feel like you're the only one left out! =)

  2. Oh I love the baskets from Really Good Stuff--best thing I ever purchased! I am a new follower, thanks for linking up!
    Kristen :)

  3. I have those same baskets on my wishlist! I love those colors. I am revamping my color scheme this year...oh, why do we do these thing?!
    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

  4. I feel your pain. I just went to my Target today and nothing! Only summer stuff and 4th of July.=(
    F is For First Grade

  5. Alright, so I live about 1/8th of a mile from a Target. BUT, they are redo-ing it, and have NO-THING. I have been seeing all the fantastic stuff from the Dollar Spots that everyone has been picking up, and I couldn't take it anymore! I drove 20 minutes across town just to go to another Target!

    Liesl in VA

  6. I was at the closest Target to me yesterday and I found...........nothing. Mine had even less than you found. But, I did find your blog and am your newest follower! Come follow me too if you want- I am new too!
    Kinder By Golly

  7. I was at my Target this week and they had nothing. I am going to go look this afternoon.


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