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Saturday, June 25, 2011
For years I have wanted an iPhone, but our cell plan didn't offer them. So for the last year I have had a HTC erois. Nice little phone but not my iPhone. And recently it's been force closing on me... such a pain! But when I'm teaching it's not that big of a deal. Then I had added to my life a wonderful teaching assistant, Mrs. Adams, who had an iPhone... and guess what- she used it to work with her small group!! I was amazed by what she found and used with the kids. The engagement of her little group was AMAZING!! Mind you these are kids who are below basic in Kindergarten. She found games on ABC's and letter sounds, games on number recognition!! OH MY GOODNESS I loved watching her work with the kids, and I know the kids loved "playing" on the phone ;) So yesterday I decided that I had reached a critical point in my masters program (BA+24 hrs) which gives me a pay raise and only a year left in the program, not to mention that I passed the hardest class I ever remember taking (School Law)!! So I did it!!

I got the iPhone 4 and a pink otterbox... really you had to know that I would make the phone pink somehow! Of course I am still trying to figure this beast out. But I am so excited to have it!!

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