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Wednesday, June 29, 2011
I've been working with my teaching partner on an idea for Discovery Centers. These are TOTALLY different than work stations and their main goal is exploration, oral language development and social skills.  I created the center signs today and wanted to share them. The clip art came from a link at

We both have at least one blue wall... ok I have one blue wall and all of hers are pale sea green (she has an ocean theme going on). We want the signs to look the same in both rooms so that when children switch for discovery time that they know what they are looking for. She has half the centers in her room and I have the other half. It's twice the rewards and 1/2 the work ;) We have 9 centers between us (well 10 if you count that we use all 8 computers- 4 in her room and 4 in mine). We use a contract to keep up with who has been to what center. Each child must go to all centers before he/she can repeat one. Each center has 4-5 children in it at a time. Head over to my TPT to grab your set! 

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