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Thursday, June 30, 2011
I did a quick count today and there are 38 days left until I return to school. It seems like I just got out!! Next week I have CGI (Cognitively Guided Instruction) that I am mostly looking forward too. It's a three year commitment and I hope that it closely aligns itself to Debbie Diller. :)  

There is a summer class in my classroom so I can't get in there to work until after the class is over but the teacher in there is AWESOME! I actually left everything where she could use it if she need too. So since I can't work there, I'm working at home. 

Chant sticks!
I love reading other teachers blogs for inspiration. I have found SO many wonderful ideas a downloadable items from these ladies. I have been working on getting everything printed out and ready to laminate. I can't wait to use these ideas with my incoming kinders!! Here is one that was shared by Kathleen at Growing Kinders. It's spelling chant sticks. I LOVE that she had so many different ways to practice spelling words. Some of them would even work with the ABC chart. I plan on using these starting the first day!! I love the swim one and will probably start with it. here is how I plan to use it. We are going to swim as we say each letter on the abc chart. Then we will hold our noses and "sink" at the end. I already do big poppa and sweet momma voices and I think these will give us more options. BUT I want to mention that the best part of this idea is how Kathleen had them on jumbo craft sticks!! I love that they can be added to a cup as we learn them and then we can draw one out to practice the ABC chart or spelling words!! THANK YOU KATHLEEN!! 
fire theme game

So I got those finished and the kids helped me cut and label a BUNCH of matching games that I use at the beginning of the year as I introduce stations. We also put together more copies of things that I already had so that I could create 2 stations with the same items in it. I found this past year that several children seemed to like certain games better than others, and i never seemed to have enough of that type of game. One of our favorites was a math game that I use for one to one correspondence. The child draws a number card and puts that many pompoms on a work mat. I have some ten frame games that they do this with too. I added two more games, one with a fire theme (community helpers tie in) and the other are apply baskets (apples and pumpkins tie in). 

Sight word books
Then I started to work on my sight word books. This is an idea from my bestie! I love it too! The book is a marble comp book that is cut in half at Office Depot. Then I put a label on the front. Each week we will add our sight words to this book by making rainbow words. A rainbow word is one where the child uses all the colors of the rainbow to write the word. I am so excited about these. They will go into a station with a couple of ideas from Growing Kinders blog after a few weeks of us working on them as a whole group! You can see my book in the picture along with the label sheet that I ran through the printer backwards. 


  1. Hey there! Thanks for hosting!

    I'm glad the teacher in your classroom is good. One year, a former district of mine had the after-school care summer program in our building and every classroom was going to be used. I was warned to put everything away so I locked in lockers, in cabinets and even went as far as to cover what couldn't be locked with butcher paper. It was really stressful.

    Again, I'm glad that's not your situation. Hope you have a wonderful 38 more days!

    Thanks again!



  2. I just found your blog tonight. I'm a new follower!
    Just Add Clipart

  3. I just found your blog and love it. So many GREAT ideas. I tried to find the 1/2 marble notebooks, but can't. Did you have to cut them yourself. Thanx for sharing!

  4. I was also wondering about the 1/2 marble notebooks. You said in your post that they are cut in half at Office Depot. Do they come that way or do the people at Office Depot cut them? Thanks for sharing! Look forward to seeing all your wonderful ideas.



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