MWS Chapter 2 reflection...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
As if chapter one didn't get me excited... Chapter two has me empowered! I know I can do this!! I really haven't de- cluttered yet, summer school is in my room. But I got really excited thinking about what I have, what I have to teach with and what materials are going into these station tubs!! Oh and I have where the station tubs are going all figured out! I am super excited. I highlighted so much in this chapter. There were more light bulb moments for me... things I knew but well didn't have the faith in myself to do. Now I believe and I will be working these ideas!!

First, math mats! HELLO... how do you keep the noise low? PADDING!! LOL... my kids loved the pattern blocks this year. They would make all kind of creations with them, but my pet peeve was the clanking of them. I wish I had foam ones but I have plastic blocks enough for 5 classrooms!! I did give some to a third grade teacher and I am going to see if the first grade teachers need some too... heaven only knows why I have 5 major tubs full of them! I am looking at how I want to organize the time for math and stations. I am not sure this is really the place for it, but I was thinking it so I will write it.

I am HORRIBLE about giving enough modeling before something becomes independent, especially in the first weeks of school. I feel like we have SO much to cover that I don't want to miss anything because I am teaching procedure. However this chapter really got me to thinking about how to teach the manipulative... not just the math skill but how to use the tools!! What a light bulb moment for me!

I mentioned yesterday that I was thinking about changing my classroom theme to jungle. I did this math journal cover yesterday. I am not sure I like it... maybe I've spent too much time being a kinderbee ;)

Math Journal Cover

I hope to post chapter 3 later today. It's AWESOME!! and there are a couple of blogs that I want to link to my post. The resources that these teachers made to go along with this chapter are amazing!!

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  1. To keep the noise down. I have started using Placemats. I keep them rolled up on a shelf and have a lesson on how to get one, unroll it, keeping materials on it and rolling it up. Nobody is allowed to step on them. It helps alot.


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