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Sunday, June 26, 2011
I love printables!! I love making things that my classroom needs and that fit my teaching style. I have been drooling over the teachers pay teachers site... I mean who doesn't know better what a teacher needs for their classroom than another teacher! I have bought several things over there that I love, but I can't ever shake the feeling of "i can make this". And off I go creating more wonderful things for my room.

There is a joke around my building about not giving me too much time off or I'll have a whole new room. I love to create!! And this week I have had lots of time off... no students, no grad school and no Anna Claire or Jackson (thank you grandparents!!) I dusted off my already made items, and I've tweaked them to public use. This is a "game" that my kids loved to play. It's called "follow that pattern". Each student gets an equal number of strips. Then the small cards go into a stack. The kids take turns drawing from the stack. If the card completes their pattern then they keep the card and move that strip over because it's complete. If the card can not complete their strips then the card goes back to the bottom of the stack. The first one to complete all their strips wins.

I will be uploading more of these games and other resources to my TPT site. More to come this week on Math Stations!!

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