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Tuesday, July 12, 2011
This afternoon I made a quick trip to my classroom and to see my IOWA scores. I promise NOT to rant about my feelings on this test but I do want to mention that I was impressed with the scores. We have always given a SAT something and this year... whammo! We changed. Kinder's have LOTS of anxieties about coming to school and I like to think that I do a good job at easing some of those fears. I was not sure that any of my babies did well AT ALL. I am happy to report that they did better than I expected! Yea us...

On to why I went to my room. I have really been frustrated that I don't have any pictures to share. So I went to fix that. I now have pictures!! YEA... and boo... my pictures aren't the best and they are packed up summer program in my room pictures. I didn't have to cover everything because the teacher in my room is WONDERFUL! and she was given access to everything!!

So here is my room:
This is the wall that you look at when you walk in. It's the only wall painted in the whole room. It's where I have my ABC's (they go above the windows). It's roughly 30 feet across.
This is the back wall of my classroom. The blue frame is for student work. I am going to take out the middle sections this year. The computers stay against the wall and my teacher table is right beside it. The left side of this wall has built in cabinets. The door you see if for HVAC... not a bathroom (I've wished it was MANY times!!) The stuff on the counter goes else where but has to be up for when they wax the floors. 

This is the wall where the door is. At the end of the year I had them move my coat rack. I really hated where it was (blue wall where the white board is, the white board was were the coat rack is now). Any sweet kinder who came in late would dance across the room to put away their belongings. Everyone else would watch... now it's by the door and not as big of a production. ;) 

This is the front of my room. It's about 30 feet across... so I teach in a box! LOL... I've never really loved square rooms, I find them difficult to arrange. Anyway, I was not at this school when they put in the smartboard or I wouldn't have let them put a computer at the front of the room like that!! What on earth were they thinking! Honestly, I probably would have switched the smart board and the white board so the computer could be in the corner... but if wishes were fishes the sea would be full. So we deal with what we have. This year I am putting the computer on a cart so that my elmo can fit beside it. I know the tech people are going to FREAK but they will have to get over it or honor my request to have drops moved. This is PRIME wall space they are blocking. I plan to have some of my calendar math on the white board and under it on the wall space below. Then I am going to use the wall to the left of the TV as my focus wall (I think that is what is going to happen.) This is where the word wall was last year, but I have some shelves going in on the little short wall that sticks out (the brown cubbies and book cases are in front of where the shelf will go). Last years room was not "right", it never felt good. I don't know about you but sometimes things can look great but they just don't feel right. This is one of those cases. So I am going to change it up! 


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures. I love to see what other people are doing. Pictures can give you more ideas than words sometimes! I am new to professional blogging and I am completely addicted because of blogs like yours:)


  2. Now you have "before" pics! Be sure to take "after" pics and share with us. Are you able to work in your room already or is it getting ready to be waxed? Thanks for sharing!
    meet me at the zoo...

  3. I love your blog! Hey come join the kinder fun and giveaway! littlemisskindergarten.blogspot.com

  4. I am curious what Iowa scores are? I am familiar with ITBS but not in Kindergarten....

  5. I just found your blog. I love the blue wall in your classroom. It is so much fun to see how everyone sets up their rooms.


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