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Tuesday, July 5, 2011
This is a station that I struggle with. It's one where my kids loose motivation easily and a majority of the behavior problems start here. I wish I could wave a magic wand and fix all the problems that happen here. This is the reason that I started this week with the word work station. I am hopeful that as we share ideas that I will gain some incite into making this station successful. Here are the activities that I place into this station (not necessarly at the same time):

Word sorts (Words their way)- this stays in this center from the time we start with sorts. Our first sorts are concept sorts, sound only sorts (beginning sounds) and letter sorts.

Letter charaistic sorts- tall letters, short letters, tail letters

Sight word- matching, making sentences

Puzzles- build a word puzzles, self correcting picture to word puzzles

and that is all I've got... Help bloggers what do you do to spice up your word work station


  1. Things I have tried or will try in my Word Work Station:

    -patting Play-doh in a plastic lid and using a golf tee to practice letter formation, sight words, CVC words
    -providing sandpaper letters (from Lakeshore) to touch and a sand tray to practice
    -magnetic letters and small baking sheets (a class favorite)
    -A bowl full of plastic letters with a spoon that I called "Letter Soup"
    -alphabet beads and SMALL pieces of plastic string

    Accountability keeps the behavior problems down, but this was one of my most challenging stations, too. I had recording sheets at one time, but it didn't make me or the children happy. By the end of the year I got the clue to give this station it's own word wall (it was located too far away from the larger one). I put a few sight words, words they were interested in and vocabulary cards from our science units. They loved the vocab cards the best! It certainly helped.

  2. And you don't have to have this comment post... but I think you wanted to use the word "insight" :)

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  4. If you do donor's choose... this is a great option my kinders love! Hot Dots... they have these puppy pens that bark when they get the answer correct or virtually gong when they don't. =) They have cards ranging from everything from color all the way up through reading. So I have those basic skills and then I have isolating sound cards and cards where is show pictures and the kids have to select the correct word for that picture! It's always a hit! About $200 for a good center but again if you can get it funded. =)

    I also do Sight Word books in this lab. Let the kids get practice with applying those words. And believe it or not alphabetizing. I teach them how to list words in ABC order. Either cutting them out and arranging them on a longwise sentence strip or writing them in a list. The kids love that too! (If you do this just make sure you don't skip any letters... the kids don't get that just yet.)

    Hope these were helpful! I love those word sorts! I actually have the kids glue them into a spiral notebook so they can refer to it when they write! (They can write a story using words that begin with B or whatever sort they choose.) It definitely gives them some writing ideas and links it back to reading! =)

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