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Sunday, February 12, 2012
We are landing in the land of curriculum audit and it's going to be bumpy. First let me say that I totally understand the need for scholastic audits and I get that it helps us make a plan for the future but let's get real. Not everyone is a robot and some days you have 6 sweethearts who throw up and the learning for that day (and hopeful the next few as those little darlings are HOME getting well) is just off kilter. But in the land of the audit none of that matters. We had a BIG meeting on Thursday where we were "prepared" for the team to come in. We were given words of wisdom like "be yourself", "teach as if no one is watching" and my favorite "don't worry they are here to find the things that we need to improve on".

Now that panic has set in I am worried about this. My little ones don't do well when others come in... heck some of them can't handle me not picking them to answer the question. UGH>>> and then the weather man said my favorite words... chance of snow! I promise you I am WAY more excited about the snow than anyone! I really would love a snow day. I love the smell, the way the world sounds under a blanket of snow and the face that everything here comes to a grinding stop. It's bliss!

The audit will find that we have some serious work to do, which I know, but I am hopeful that it will also show were we need more parent support... more resources- NOT MONEY- but people. Well I guess to get the people we would technically need money. I hope that they see how our staff is tried of begging for help, for example I am not a strong writing teacher and I've begged for help. Not gotten it (well at least not from the school- LOVED the kinder expo and the piece about writing!!) I know teachers in our building who have asked for math help or reading help from the instructional coaches and have gotten nothing. Things have to chance... I'm as resistant as the next guy but I will never be a better writing teacher if someone doesn't step up and help me.OH and offering me a book off a shelf isn't an answer... don't have time to read it between grad school and being a mom. Not to mention that I am a kinetic learner myself... got to watch and try to get something.

I want this week to go smoothly, so I am prepping things today that I would usually do at school... fun fun fun. And sitting here praying that we get enough snow/ ice to shut down school (and that it gets here early enough to close school before the day starts).

A little knee update... I started PT this week. And there is only one word for it OUCH! Ok only one word that I'm willing to type ;) Rob is my PT guy and he is very nice. He seems to think that I'm most likely dealing with a tear but he explained that were the tear is located is not conducive to easy surgery. That means we try PT first. Rob did tell me that the same exercised that he is going to have me doing would be the same ones that total knee replacements do after their surgery. He told me no more heating pad and that I need to be icing it twice a day. (another fun thing to do while in the land of audit- gonna love explaining that!) I go back 3 times a week until the 29- which is the day I see the DR again. I hope that this helps cause it sure hurts! LOL... but I am being a good student and completing my homework ;)


  1. Understand where you're coming from. Our school just went through the same thing last month. I probably would have felt better about it if I new that the suggestion the team makes would be implemented. But of course that is very doubtful. Just answer their question honestly (of course you've probably been given a list of the "correct" answers). Don't be surprised when someone pops in and never says a word to you before they get up and leave. All in all it wasn't a bad experience. You'll do great, just do what you always do: Teach kids.

  2. Well good luck with that! We had our review and totally got bashed!! Bottom line: we are ineffective and boring. Wow!! Way to demoralize us. It was brutal. We are also doing Pearson, a PLC training. They want us to be Stepford teachers.

  3. Good luck with the audit, Karen! Did you get your snow day?
    I am looking for this, which I found on Pinterest:
    But the pin only takes me to your front page. We are doing a fire theme next week and I would love to use this! Is it here or on your TPT site? Can you email me at thehundfamily6 at gmail dot com? Thanks so much!

  4. Just found your blog today & it is very lovely, so I would like to present you an award - please come over to Two Fulbright Hugs to check it out & grab the award!

    Two Fulbright Hugs
    Teacher Timesavers

  5. Karen, I would love to help you with writing. I taught kindergarten for many, many years. My kindergartners always liked "If I was a superhero, my power would be..." I've also made a fantasy word wall/folder that I put up on TPT. Come check out my blog, and let me know what kind of writing ideas you're looking for.

    I hope that the audit goes ok for you, and that the pain lessens. I'm surprised the PT said not to use heat! My daughter broke her foot and they told her to use heat and ice.

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT


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