WOW!! What a day....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today was my first full day back. It was long, so very long. But it was a great day.We worked in stations, with new partners.
See these cuties... they are working on sorting letter tiles (you can just see them under the table) They were SO quiet!! I almost didn't know they were still in the room.
Look at these angels!! The two at the smartboard are playing Such a great sight! The little one at the table with the yellow bucket is "buttering" sight words. The two at the bucket that is red are writing spelling words on white boards. OMGosh...they worked SO hard!! I can NOT be more proud of them.

This was math time. We used number bracelets to practice  subtraction problems. Each child has a pipe-cleaner with pony beads on it. I have 2 sets. One set is to 5, the other is to 10. They hold it at the bottom and we move beads don to the side. We made a chart of how many ways we could make 5. The loved this activity, and didn't want to quit.

Here is another shot. You can see the little one on the right (in red) has two groups. I didn't think to take a picture of the chart... I'll have to add that to my too do list.

Oh and I tried MANY of the ideas that I learned at the kindergarten expo. The writing workshop really helped me today as I took a long hard look at our writing. I hope to take some pictures tomorrow during our writing time and share them with what I learned.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week!


  1. love the beads and pipe cleaners idea!! I will have to try that!


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