Have you heard of Learning Spots lessons by Carson-Dellosa?

Saturday, March 10, 2012
Just recently I got the chance to use the Learning Spot interactive white board lessons by Carson-Dellosa and I want to tell you all about them!! First I must say that my kiddos LOVE the "magic board". They love that they can move items all over, they love when they get the matches right but until now the only form of cheering for the write answer came from me.  I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, let me go back to the beginning.

Carson-Dellosa came out with a new interactive white board program and lessons a few months ago. The program gets downloaded to your computer. The best part is that you can have the program on a home computer and on your school computer!! HOW awesome is that!! I can open a lesson at home and read the lesson plan, called teacher notes, and read through the lesson as well as some differentiation and extension activities. In getting ready to use the Beginning and Ending Consonant Sounds, I was able to go through the lesson portion without the smartBoard.The Beginning and Ending sound lesson is divided into three sections; beginning sounds, ending sounds and both together. Once the lesson is open I could pick the letter that I wanted us to work on without having to go through letters that I didn't want to work on. One thing that I want to mention is that because this was a lesson on sounds that each picture has a little speaker icon at the bottom that says what that picture is. Here are my kids working on this lesson:

Here we are working on the student activities section. We were sorting sounds by their beginning sound.

Remember how I said that my kids love it when they get things right? Well honestly all kids do, but here is a picture of one of my kids moving the last picture to where it belongs. Once the child moved the last picture into place we clicked on the "check my work" button and look at what popped up... with motion AND clapping!!

We LOVE this new addition to our classroom. It was SUPER easy to prepare for the lesson and the kids caught on without a lot of me teaching them how to use the program. The last section on the lesson is an independent work section where I was able to print off some practice sheet that I put into a station for them to complete.

I also used the addition lesson that is for first grade. My kids enjoyed working with this one too!! With the common core standards teaching addition so early in kindergarten I was beginning to run out of ideas... thank you Carson-Dellosa!! Here are some pictures of the kids working the addition lesson:

Now I bet you want to try it for yourself... right? I'm tell you if you have a smart board you NEED to look at these lesson!! Here a link to where you can see all the lessons available: click here for lessons
And here is where you can learn more!


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