2am; WHAT?

Friday, August 10, 2012
I am wide awake and for the love of Pete I can not figure out why!! So I decided to knock out a couple of new projects. I found these cubes at the Dollar Tree and decided to get a TON of them! Add a sharpie and they aren't just counting cubes- although they are that too! Since they are foam they WILL NOT make noise when rolled! Yep... gotta keep the distracting noises to a minimum! So I took these blank cubes...

and added numbers. I will also add letters to some.

Then I made baggies of 10 (five in each color) so that we could work on counting. I am also in the process of making math mats to use as well.
I also got whisper phones done! I have 10 right now, didn't get enough end caps. But I will be making 10 more this weekend and as a goodbye present for my teaching partner I am going to make her some! Here is the first batch. I had monster duck tape on some and Hello Kitty on the others. I did get some different duck tape today that I think I will use for the rest. It's bright colored chevrons. Very fun!
I thought I would give the measurements... I used 3/4" PVC pipe and elbows. I cut the pipe to 3-1/2" sections. I was able to get 20 segments, plus some from my pipe. Total cost for this project was under $15. At first I wasn't sure if I liked the white space on either side of the duck tape but the more I live with it the more I am ok with it!
See the white on either side of hello kitty? That is what I'm talking about... And this little suckers are LOUD! I can not wait to use them with my little ones!

I am going to be exhausted but I am working in my room today. And I have a quick dr's appointment to have him look at my progress since surgery. I think it's going good but I am still struggling to go up and down stairs. I am hoping that he will help me out with some more PT... to get the stairs part now that I have WAY more strength. I am worried that workers comp wont give me the PT though... stinkin workers comp ;)

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  1. I can relate. I have been waking up early all week. No alarm clock! This morning it was 5 am. I think it is all the anticipation of school starting. At least the house is quiet at that time because the Mister and the Kiddos are still asleep. I can get a lot done.

    I also got the above cubes from the Dollar Tree and I keep finding myself going back to purchase more. I have found so many uses for them. The Dollar Tree doesn't realize that they have a gem in those little cubes. They could probably charge more and we would still have to have them.

    Good luck in your room and I hope you get some sleep.



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