Kindergarten Common Core

Friday, September 14, 2012
This is my second year working with common core. I trully love it  but I am quickly finding that I am running out of ideas! Then I was introduced to a little book... a book that I can not wait to use! This is the Kindergarten Common Core workbook for kindergarten! (not to worry there are other grades too ;) ) I love how this book is going to give me more ideas.... you know that feeling- the OH NO I have this one who needs more and I'm out of ideas!!
This ebook is really packed with ideas for both ELA and Math! Here are some of the things that BLEW me away! 1. it's over 600 pages in ONE resource! 2. it's not JUST worksheets... there are anchor posters, centers and vocabulary cards! 3. EVERY worksheet has the standards ON THE PAGE! More SUPER coolness.. there are number cards that have the number, number word, set and tally marks. These would be great in a center or as poster. Using these would be a great addition to my RTI. The whole ebook is going to cost $39.99 but until September 16, 2012, if you blog, they are GIVING this book away!! Check it out HERE
I really think that is a resource that you are going to want, no you are going to need it! Head over there and check it out.


  1. Thanks for your awesome blog post! Teachers, check out the Kindergarten Common Core Activities!

  2. Just curious...I blogged about this great book...followed all the directions..but haven't heard anything about a free book :0(

  3. I was wondering the same thing. I blogged about the book and followed all the directions, but I haven't heard anything yet.


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