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Tuesday, March 5, 2013
I have a love hate relationship with the back wall in my classroom. It's BIG and white. It's where our yellow
neighborhood" friends work and where our classroom library is housed. This HUGE wall has become the bane of my existence (ok not really but you get the idea). I've had a mental image of how I want this wall to look.... like we are sitting under a tree outside somewhere wonderful. But I really couldn't get it to look right using bulletin board paper and I had almost given up when I was asked to review some new products from Carson Dellosa.

I was asked to review one of the new bulletin board sets. I fell in love with the new bulletin board set called "Boho Birds". This set has several big pieces that are used as a tree branch, then leaves that you can add so that the tree is personalized, and lastly the CUTEST birds ever! Here is what it looks like on my wall. I did not put up all the leaves, I may add so more as I go along.

As I look at this picture, I think that it does need some more leaves and birds. The word READ has been in my library for years and really goes well with the Boho Birds Set. Here is a picture of the whole wall. I added birds all the way across so that the student work ties into the backyard tree theme.  Click on the picture below to see a video put together by the creative team at Carson Dellosa.

I really loved the ease that this branch went together.  There are tons of leaves to really make the branch look full and enough birds for each child's name to be added to one. I really like being able to tie in different areas of my room together by color or by picture. The good news is that there is a Boho Birds boarder! I added this to the only actual bulletin board in my room... this tiny square that I use in my Writing Station. The fabric is used several places in my room and adding the birds really tied everything together.
I never realized how just changing a boarder can draw in my students. One sweet little one told me that she liked the writing station now because the birds made her feel like she had friends writing with her.

I also got a chance to look at the new Spectrum Readers. I choose the the Wild Weather book because we will be studying weather soon in my room. I was drawn to the stunning photos! The content is grade level appropriate and paired with the photos the kids loved looking at this book. The kids are now excited to study weather, and I am thinking about getting enough to have a reading groups set. Here is a video that Carson Dellosa prepared on the books.

Thank you Carson Dellosa for allowing me to participate in the Brand Ambassador Program. As an ambassador I was sent these items to review for free. 

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