Ikea scores!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
As we drove into the RV park on Sunday I spotted the beloved blue and yellow sign. IKEA! Never occurred to me to stop and see if there was one near where we were going to be. Today I got the chance to venture over. I have several things from IKEA that I've gotten from teacher friends who live near one or if we happen to visit somewhere that has one, like here. 

I love these bath mats that we use for our front carpet. I read the story The Goat in the Rug and we talk about how important it is to take care of our personal rug and space. I do not use the black ones. Just the pink, red, blue, and green.  They stack nicely into one corner or our meeting area so that we can do whole group art projects. So much easier on clean up when you sweep a hard floor.  

I also have these drawers. Only my drawers are white and green. This is where I store center activities. Each tub has a letter or number on it. This summer I am going to add so locking wheels to it so that I don't have to unload it each summer. Yep at our school if there aren't wheels it has to be packed. So I bet you are wondering what I got this trip.... 

These guys are for hanging student work. I already have one but needed two more. I got the white ones. 

These frames just spoke to me.  They are double sided. Not sure what I'm going to do with all 5, I got a white one too, but I know that one will be on my table with graphics that show when I'm available or not. I'm thinking work station or progress monitoring times... Not regular class times. 

These are like my other shelves. I'm going to put wheels on them too. I'm thinking that the shortest section will be for folders... This year the kids are going to do most of the folders to take some of the pressure off me. I got pink, white,  and green tubs.  Not sure I will put a pink one in that shortest section. So can not wait to set up mu room!!! 

But the biggest score was this.....
Yep it's the little spice rack that has been all over Pinterest. I picked up several to have around my room. I envision using one or two as my listening center. I see one holding the book they are to listen too and the head phones. And maybe one per table group for listening logs. I mentioned that I got several right?!?

I'm also working on several things for TPT... More math journal prompts, some cute calendar pieces to go along with the Calendar Math series ( sorry calendar math folks but some of the pieces are SO boring!) and some anchor charts to go along with what I'm learning in my summer reading. 

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  1. I love Ikea! I was just there getting my house organized or my kids room! I need to back now for more stuff! HAHA!!
    Really Roper


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