Summer Reading and the Triple Track

Sunday, June 9, 2013

So here are my summer reading books...well some of it anyway. I know that there are book studies on Number Sense Routines and Talking, Drawing, Writing. The guided reading book was recommended to me to read. So I'm working on reading these and it hits me that I am reading all three at the same time. And I start wondering if I am the only one who reads multiplayer books at the same time, or do you read them one at a time. Do you keep a reflection log/notebook or write in the margins? How do you process the new material? How do you get this new learning read for your classroom? 

I bet you are wondering why I'm asking, right? Well the reason has to do with my newest roll as a facilitator for Arkansas A+. I tend to read several things at the same time because I get board with my brain only thinking on one subject at a time. In A+ we talk about a triple track of learning. 
The chart shows the three roles that we move through as we teachers learn. The first track is that of a student... Or better yet someone who is new to the content. In this role we are learning new vocabulary or learning new definitions to known vocabulary. Just think about Common Core State Standards. We have all taught from standards but now we are learning new vocabulary or definition to old vocabulary. The middle track is that of classroom connections. What things can you walk away from this training or book study and use today. What things can you adapt to use or create so that you can use this training or book study in your room.  The third track deals with sustainability of the training. That is what things are you going to share or pass on. What kind of resource can you be to others and what kind of resources do you need. As we learn or grow ourselves as teachers we are given the opportunity to attend PD or be part of book studies. I believe that what you make of these studies or PD classes directly effects you ability to implement the new learning and sustain what you started. So that got me to thinking about the new teacher evaluation system Arkansas is going to (TESS). Professional growth is going to be a huge part of that new evaluation, as is providing evidence to support the teachers new learning.   

So I began to ponder if I should be reading one book at a time, even though I have limited time and my brain likes the changes in subjects. And would blogging be something that could support my attempts at growth and be used as evidence. Or should I use something like the triple track thinking and a reflection journal.  Should all pd attempts be personal and doing what works best or should schools, districts, and state departments of education dictate how PD should look and be documented?

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