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Monday, August 12, 2013
Morning all!! This week is teacher week. I so hope to share each day of the week. Today's theme is meet the teacher.
I am the mom of two middle school babies! Where oh where did the time go?!? My little man is starting middle school and my oldest is in 8th grade... next year she will be in HIGH SCHOOL!! The mister and I have been married since 1996... yea I'm feeling old right about now ;)

I hold a BA in early childhood education and an MA in curriculum and leadership. It's still hard to believe that I completed my masters. See WAY back in the late 70's I was diagnosed with ADD. At that time NO ONE had a clue what it meant. Teachers didn't know what to do with me. I loved to create things but at the end of first grade I really could not read. Now the expectations back then were different but children were still expected read by the end of the school year. That summer I spent every Tuesday and Thursday morning with a retired teacher learning to read. I fell in love with reading and my reading tutor was AMAZING! She listened to me tell stories, read me stories, and helped me learn to read. She is the reason that I love loosing myself in a good book.

I love all things Disney. We get the chance to visit often and I LOVE it!! I also love Dr. Pepper. My mornings usually start with a trip through Sonic to grab a drink at happy hour. I am definitely at 21st century teacher. I love technology! I am self taught on many programs (like Photoshop). I love taking pictures and once thought that I would use my hobby to make money. Um... yea not an easy field to break into ;)

My school is amazing!! Our leadership drives teachers to follow their professional dreams. I LOVE it! Last year I begged to have the tables taken out of my room and my principal let it happen. I am really excited about what this school year holds.

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