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Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Have you heard of this essential oil craze and wondered what it is all about? I use Young Living essential oils and they have been life changing! I'm very picky about my oils and where they come from and I believe that Young Living has really created the best oils out there. Young Living is the oldest essential oil producer and it also leads the world in essential oils. On top of that they own their own farms so I know where they come from. I wish I could show you all the positive effects they have had on my family. My little guy couldn't sleep a entire night without waking up, then i found essential oils. Lavender baby mixed with a carrier oil (that just makes the essential oil a little less strong) and he now sleeps all night! Let's talk classrooms! Stomach yuckies, colds, and of course the flu... not in my room (ok ok yea I have some but not like others) why? Thieves!! I'll post more about Thieves I promise but for now know that this germ busting oil is AMAZING!! It kept the sickness at bay at school, and protected me from what ever was going around right before Christmas. So here's the deal, I love these oils... LOVE them! And I want people to get off the fence and try them. I want people to know that you don't have to put just chemicals into and on your body, that nature (from my belief God) intended for us to use plants life blood (essential oils) to heal our bodies! We are fearfully and wonderfully made... just like all things on this planet. So it would make total sense that they would work together right? So here is a deal that my YL (Young Living) team came up with (we are called the Lemon Droppers- AWESOME right!?!?)...
1. if you purchase a kit I will add $20 to your account to purchase more oils later on!
2. If you are an existing member of mine and you purchase 100pv or more of product I will add $10 to your account.
Offers only valid through December 31st (that's today folks!)!

How do you do this.... text me (501 213 8076) and I'll call you back. Or email me keday56@gmail.com and I will get you set up! 

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