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Wednesday, December 31, 2014
I am SO excited to share with everyone this amazing product.  Let's back up a minute and talk about the standard pencil sharpener. It's HORRIBLE right? Never gets the pencils sharp enough, and that grinding sound that tells you that the pencil is being "eaten" to death. I have spend many years looking for the perfect pencil sharpener. You know, one that is quite while sharpening, one that makes a sharp point, one that doesn't break or cost an arm and a leg.

Well that has all changed for me! See I found this beautiful PINK sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies.  I know what you are thinking... yes it is beautiful but honestly is this better than my electric one? Yes this sharpener is da BOMB! Y'all I can't say enough about how sharp my pencils are now! It's quiet- no loud grinding. It still sounds like a pencil sharpener but not like the pencil munching school district supplied monster that used to be in my room. This little beauty is awesome! Here is how it works:

Attach it to any surface using the included clip. It's the metal and black piece from the first picture. This holds the sharpener in place, although Classroom Friendly supplies also sells a plate that can be added to any surface. In my classroom, I don't have it attached to anything. I just hold the sharpener in place and crank. And no my hand doesn't hurt after sharpening 20+ pencils! I am telling ya this is the bomb diggity!

Now that you are all attached you are ready to sharpen. Ignore the fact that i need paint on my drawer.

Ok here is the cool part, and honestly it's the reason that I am letting my kinders sharpen their own pencils again! You pull the metal front out. It clicks into place when you have it out.

So this is the "start" position. To insert a pencil, you squeeze the black nobs on top together and slide the pencil in. Then crank!

Can you see the nobs on top? They hold the pencil in place. And crank... crank.... crank until you hear  the sound of the sharpener change. And you feel the crank change. It's almost like it gets smooth feeling because you are at the sharp stage.

And take the pencil out. LOOK at how SHARP that point is! Now lets talk wear and tear. I have owned many sharpeners from the school district monster to the expensive electric sharpener and nothing that I have owned has been able to withstand 5 year olds! Not until this beauty came along. I read lots of blog review saying how sharp the pencil is, how quiet this is, how the blogger loved it. But y'all, I didn't believe it until the end of this semester. I sharpened some pencils right before our class party. These are those glitter pencils that I never allowed to be sharpened in my room. Y'all know what I'm talking about... the monster sharpener eats them to the eraser and they clog up the electric job. But little pink sharpener would not be stopped!! 20 glittery Christmas pencils and it still sharpens like it did on the first pencil.

I know, I know... you don't believe me do you? I didn't believe it either. But y'all I let my kinders use it! And it still sharpens like it did the first day. I can't tell you how many pencil sharpeners subs or students have killed dead. Yet no one has been able to harm this sharpener. It has my stamp of approval (and that of my kinders!) You honestly can't go wrong with this sharpener.

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