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Sunday, March 15, 2015
Not so very long ago, I was diagnosed with an enlarged liver. It seemed that EVERY over the counter medicine that I took was on my "can't have it" list. Or (and even better in my mind) they were ok to take but a side effect was kidney issues. Really??? I was stumped. My MD suggested that I start looking into eastern medicine to manage my problems. So I did. And long story cut a little short, that lead me to essential oils. I started with peppermint. And then added lavender... then a friend suggested that I look into the Young Living membership. I was like "yea right, I don't do home parties. been there, done that. epic fail". But she assured me that I wasn't doing home parties. So I asked what the deal was, and here is what I was told. " you can keep buying oils one at a time and that is fine but if you think you might ever want to diffuse the oils you need to really think about the starter kit." Diffuse oils? really? as if! Peppermint and lavender were my goto oils. I used them for everything and I was thinking "no way will I need to diffuse them!"

Then I noticed my friend posting this "everyday essential oil kit" and talking about the uses for the oils and I was like "we could use that!" So I called her and said "um you know that kit you have on Facebook, can you tell me more about it?" And she did. Then she blew my mind. "Did you know that you can get the kit, a diffuser, and the discount all for about $50 more than just the everyday oils?" Oh gosh I thought, here it comes.... home party sales! But I was wrong, and guess what? I still don't do home parties! But I am a Young Life member and distributor, and I love blowing people's minds and helping them live a healthy life.

If I had had half of a brain I would have realized what my friend was telling me. She wasn't trying to pry extra money from my hand, and she wasn't really trying to turn me into a sale... really she already had me buying oils through her. What she was trying to give me was a gift, a gift I wish that I had been smart enough to take. (Smacks head like  I should have had a v8- giggle)

I get it... not sold yet. Not sure how these oils could fit into your life?

Feast your eyes on this....

9 oils, with hundreds of everyday uses! What do you think? See something that you think "um yea I need that in my life". Were not trying to take your money or ask you to throw it down the toilet. These work! Yea, baby do these work! I'm not sure you are quite ready for the changes that these oils will bring to you life. Rug rash on the knees from deep cleaning... a drop of lavender. Upset tummy from the spicy Thai food that you had to have... peppermint on the belly or a drop in water. Snoring... valor on the toes. Stinky dogs... purification and distilled water in a spray bottle. And I could go on and on. My point is I made a mistake. I waited. I thought yea right not me brother! Don't do what I did... don't wait! I know you are not going to regret this for a second! Click here to get started.

Oh and by the way, the starter kit comes with the everyday oils, a bonus bottle of citrus fresh, and a diffuser! All for $150! BOOM... mind blown! your welcome!

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