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Friday, June 19, 2015
I love technology and the internet. I love that there are SO many ideas out there. I love how it has impacted my teaching and classroom. What I don't love is the pressure that I feel when I can't do it all.  I am a perfectionist and I am betting that other are too. Are you? Do you get to where you feel like you can't meet the mark? or that you wore the scrunchy one to many days? (ok so dated myself there! If you don't know that one- watch Heathers) Some days I feel like I am just an outsider who can't seem to ever get into the club. I feel the pressure to be more than I am able to be. And right here I am drawing a line!

This summer I am not going to kill myself to have earth shattering posts. I plan to spend time with kids... it's hard to believe but they are 13 and 15! I mean where on earth did the time go? I am going to do some reading. I have about 4 professional texts that I have started but not finished. I want to finish them. I also want to spend some time reflecting on what is working in my world and what is not. Maybe I'll figure out how to do a link up thing with a cute picture (or not :) remember I'm giving myself permission to not measure up)

I also want to work on taking some things that I have purchased or gotten free over the last few years and make them my own. This fall, no matter what grade I am teaching, I want my back to school pack to be my very own. I don't want to use things that I like part of but not all of. I want to simplify things, right now it's WAY too much! I want to do more reflecting and being intentional.  Yep one of my summer reading books is Debbie Miller's Teaching with Intention. If I am blessed enough to be in K again (there is some speculation as to where I will be) then I want to be really reflective in what I am doing and have the data or reflections to back it up!

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