Target ... oh how I love and hate that you have teacher goodies out already

Saturday, July 4, 2015
We got out way late this year, June 15, due to snow and winter weather. Yes I was dancing in my snow dance shoes for those snow days and I own my snow dance, it did make for a very late end of the year. So it was a surprise to my system to see teacher goodies in the Target $1 spot! According to the calendar it really is time for Target to be unboxing all those back to school goodies, but my internal clock is scream "no way!"

So what did Target have? You know you want to know! First disclaimer, I am not at my home Target. We are out on vacation and I decided to pop into a Target to see what had been put out. My home Target usually doesn't have their teacher things until after the 4th. So they should be unpacking as we get home. So here is what I found....

Pointers for $1!! I got 4. The plastic isn't as solid as the ones from the teacher store but these will be great to have the kids use. And they were only a buck. ;)

Stickers- man do I have an obsession with stickers! I use them for everything. Much of the student work that gets "graded" gets a sticker. I walk around the room as the kids are working, when they finish, I look at the work and sticker it. Then my kids put the papers into their cubbies to be taken home. Awesome right? I also use stickers to "show off" my kids. Like using the owl ones as a prize for a whole class game. The adults in the building know to ask kids about their stickers. When a team wins we talk about what their answer is to why they are wearing a sticker. Some times I even use a sharpie to write why.

The last sticker in this photo I am going to use on "birthday bags". Once I know my kids and their birthday, I will write their name and birthday on the sticker and put them on little goodie bags. Then when birthdays roll around all I do is pull out the bags.

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