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Sunday, July 5, 2015
So I'm a TPT slacker... yep my name is Karen and I am a slacker. All year I make things to use with my kids and then I don't make time to gussy them up and put them on TPT. Since we have been on an epic 3 week road trip I have had LOTS of time to gussy. I have a could of game editions that I have been working on.

The first is BAM. Different people call it different things (pop, bang, slap, etc). I call it BAM ('cause I'm an Emeril fan and I LOVE teaching my kids to say BAM when they see the BAM cards. I have seen this game with lost of extra card types, like loose a turn. My BAM game is super simple... BAM cards and content cards.

How do we play BAM?

The first player pulls a card from the container (I use icing containers -thank you Deedee Wills!). They show the card to the other players. This step is VITAL because there is always a student who doesn't know what the card says and tried to fake out the other players. Teaching my littles this step really stops all the "he cheated" kind of things from happening. If the child can name the content (letter, sound, word, number,...) then they keep the card. If they can not name the content on the card then the card goes back into the container and the next player takes their turn. If a child gets the BAM card, they have to put all their cards back into the container and the next player takes a turn. The game continues until all cards have been played.

So far I have 1 set up at TPT and it's free (for now). This is a back to school alphabet set. The first "edition" to the BAM series will be alphabet recognition.

The second set of games that I am working on are "Just add dice" games. I LOVE using dice in my room!! The kids love using dice. These are all games that we play all year, and again they can be used for just about ANY content. These aren't quite yet gussy enough to hit TPT but I am working on them.

Both of these sets of games are things that I use all stinkin' year, the content changes but the rules stay the same. Talk about getting the bang for your buck! Teach it once, and they play all year.

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