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Sunday, May 21, 2017
Hey y'all!
It's hard to believe that just a few years ago right now I was searching for a way to decrease the size of my liver and be healthier. I had just been given the news that my liver was enlarged and was indeed a big part of the reason that I was struggling to control my IBS. I was deviated! And the worst part was that there really was no hope of getting rid of the pain, unless I wanted to go the narcotics route.

I remember crying a lot. I remember thinking that there had to be a way to be healthy. There just had to be. So I looked into alternative health methods. Eastern medicine or old world medicines. And I found 2 things that helped me more that I could ever know what possible. 1) acupuncture.... yep tiny needs in my ears, arms, feet and hands. But the pain slowly started to back down. 2) essential oils... the life blood of plants. I will never forget the first IBS attack that I countered with peppermint oil. My body responded to it better than it had anything else I had tried. Am I claiming that peppermint oil cured me? NOT at all! I still have IBS. I still have attacks but now I have something that soothes my attacks. As I slowly started removing the toxic parts of my life I noticed small changes in me. Which pushed me on to learn more. I read every book and desk reference I could get my hands on. I needed to take back control of me, my life, and my health.

So where is here? Here is a great place to be. In the last days of the school year I have been purging and getting rid of the things I won't need next year. I've been using my oils to support all types of body systems. And crossfit has made me stronger than I could have EVER imagined! This week I want to talk/ share about the basics of essential oils. Some posts will be me talking and some will have originated at the Young Living blog. So strap in I have a great week planned.

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