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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hey Y'all! I hope that your May is flying by and the end of the year is smooth for you. I have 6 days with my babies and then I have to be out of my room. And this is a good thing! I am moving to pre k. I have wanted to be in pre k for ever. My chance is here and I am ready.

Along those same lines, I wanted to share a little about my "rebranding". A Little Kinder came from the phrase a little birdie told me so. It became a little Kinder (meaning kindergartener). But when you look at that word it doesn't always resonate as a grade level. It comes across about being kind. And honestly I have loved that. SO I am going to run with the idea of not only sharing things that are school related but also sharing things about being kind to yourself or others. Things that are kind to our planet. Things that are gentle and up lifting.

What can you expect to see?

This is where I am getting super excited! I want this blog to be more about uplifting each
other. About me sharing my passion about Young Living Essential oils. Talking about the books that I am reading or the cute thing that is happening in my classroom. Or about my daughter's senior year!

I hope that you stay with me. I hope that this blog becomes something that will bless your socks off!

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