5 must haves from the 2018-19 Annual Catalog

Friday, June 15, 2018
Hey y'all!!
So I wrote this whole post about my 5 must have items from the new Annual Catalog. Then I read it and wow! If felt forced and face. So not me. Here's the deal... there are 5 (or more) items that I really thing every stamper/ crafter needs to have. I deleted what I worked so hard to write (maybe that was the problem.... work hard to write = fake BS.)

This years catalog is packed full so many new goodies... 14 new suites, 32 new ribbons, 20 new embellishments, 16 new designer papers, and 21 new colors! Here are my 5 must have items, in no particular order...

Must have set #1- Varied Vases (stamps, punch and DSP)

Must have item #2- Stampin' Blends Pens 

Must have item #3- The Broadway Bound Suite (stamps, dies, DSP, and embellisments)

Must have item #4- 2018-20 In Colors EVERYTHING!

Must have item #5-  Lots of Happy Card Kit

There they are! My 5 must have items from the new catalog. I'm still on the road with my family but will be back in the studio (aka my dinning room table) in July. I have so many ideas that I can't wait to share with you.

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Catalog share... Abstract Impressions

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Hey Y'all!
I wanted to make sure that I shared this video from Stampin' Up! I have fallen in love with this set even though I don't consider myself a flower person. That is... I don't gravitate to flower sets. But this set got me from the second that I saw the new catalog and it was my first set from the pre order.

I love how you can build the large flower or use any of the three images to make an amazing project. Here are some of the projects that are in the new 2018- 19 Annual Catalog. Aren't they wonderful???

Now for that video that I wanted to make sure you got a chance to see...

I hope that this inspired you to create something today! I would love to see your creations.

I would LOVE to be your Stampin'Up! Demonstrator!

If you are in the United States and not currently working with a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, you can order supplies in my online store, here.

Catalog Shares: Rooted in Nature and Natures Poem

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hey Y'all! We are crossing the western United States and that means that I don't have my craft supplies with me... sad right? Don't worry, I'm writing down all my ideas and have a FULL schedule for July. Today I wanted to share the framelits that coordinate with Rooted in Nature set. They are called Natures Poem. I didn't get them during the demonstrator pre order and y'all! I wish I had. It's not a big deal to fussy cut the tree ring stamp but the other images take a bit more time. The Natures Poem Framelets make it so much easier. Do your self a favor... get the bundle!

Since a HUGE part of our road trip is going to be camping in the red woods, Rooted in Nature will be what I use to create my filler cards in my Memories and More pocket style scrapbook pages. The whole set looks like this: 

Let's take a look at the video Stampin' Up! put together for us. I hope that you are inspired to create some thing today!

I would LOVE to be your Stampin'Up! Demonstrator!

If you are in the United States and not currently working with a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, you can order supplies in my online store, here.

Catalog shares.... Varied Vases!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Hey y'all!!
So the new catalog dropped and I am loving just sitting and going through it page by page. One set that I was able to order during the demonstrator pre order was Varied Vases. I really haven't played with this set much.... I blame the end of the school year and packing for our epic summer road trip. But this set is so beautiful AND it was designed by one of our very own demonstrators Mary Fish. When a demonstrator sells a million dollars, they get the opportunity to design a stamp set for the company.

Varied Vases comes as a red rubber set that is either wood block mounted or can be used with clear blocks. There is also a punch that coordinates with this set.

I did make a gift card set with these stamps that I blogged about here. Stampin' Up! made several videos that I get to share with you through out the month of June. The first one is using Varied Vases. I hope that you are inspired to create something today!

I would LOVE to be your Stampin'Up! Demonstrator!

If you are in the United States and not currently working with a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, you can order supplies in my online store, here.

Young Living Lavender Farm, Mona Utah

Monday, June 4, 2018
Hey y'all!
I probably should do a "so this is me" kind of post lol... There are a couple of things that are a given with Karen Day. 1. You will probably learn that I am a teacher within the first minutes of any conversation with me. 2. My family will be taking bets on how long the conversation goes before teaching comes up. 3. I LOVE to craft and teach others to craft (see the teaching thing again) 4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Young Living essential oils.

Way back in 2013 I started looking for alternative ways to support our health. See 2012 is when I started dealing with IBS and other digestive issues. I wanted support for my systems not a bandaid to cover the symptoms. I've used oils daily since 2014, yes it took me a year to get myself together and into a routine lol... slow learner.

The first summer that I used Young Living oils, I started hearing that you could drive up and tour their farms and distillery. To be honest, I didn't believe that a company would really be that open or transparent. But they are, and today I got to go see one of the farms in person. This morning my family loaded up and headed to Mona, Utah. It's a little over an hour from the KOA RV park where we are staying, and I wanted to be there for the first tour at 11am.

I can see why the founders of Young Living, Mary and Gary, love this place! It's simply beautiful! I think being at the farm during an even would be fantastic, but I loved the peacefulness of walking around today. I took TONS of pictures, but they don't do justice to how beautiful the farm is. Today they were distilling Juniper. As we walked over to the distillery, I felt like I was smelling oregano and cederwood. Our guide said that she thought that Juniper had simpler notes as oregano. I haven't used Juniper, although I just got a bottle about a month ago to use to support my kidneys and the systems they are attached too.

Here is my day in pictures! I can not wait to scrapbook this either... and pocket style scrapbooking is so easy!!

The front "gate". You can also enter the farm office from this entrance.

The visitors center also has a store attached. They have Young Living products as well as the bottled oils for sale. They also have some shirts and hats. 

Yep... that me. And this is what happens when you hand the camera off. lol Sorry it's dark. 

There is a great pond area just outside of the visitor center. They have paddle boats that you can take out on the pond.

This is the jousting arena. Yep! I wish that they were competing today but they were painting. Not as exciting lol!

Here are the people that I drug to the farm kicking and screaming.  They were such troopers! And maybe they learned something, even if it was that mom takes too many pictures!

These two! Anna Claire leaves for college in the fall and Jackson will start his junior year of high school. Time really does fly!

This is one of the MANY beautiful horses that are at the farm.  His name is Bud. One of the farm workers got him out and answered so many of our questions. Neither of my kids had seen a horse that close before and this was a great opportunity for them to interact with an animal they had never before. Jackson was the most interested. His questions were wonderful. On days like these I wonder if his wacky questions and point of view will be accepted or if I will be apologizing and explaining about our autistic child. The young lady was so sweet and answered all his questions. I wish I had gotten her name. She was fantastic!

 The distillery "barn". We were told that they distill 9 different oils at the Mona Farm. With Juniper being something that is farmed year round.
 Raw Juniper product. They had BIG stacks of this ready to go into the "pot" to get cooked. Yes they were getting ready to load and start a batch when we were there. This is a working farm and all the oil distilled here will be bottled and sold.

 This is what is left after they drain off the useable oil. The small brown layer on the top is essential oil but it is full of crap... dirt etc that comes through. The milky white is water that is used in the distilling process.
This is one of the monitoring screens used during production. 
 Did you know that pure essential oils do not freeze. This is a freezer full of oils that have been distilled at the Mona farm. The jar in the top picture that Katelynn is holding has water at the bottom that is frozen and Juniper oil at the top. It's a quick test that anyone can do... put your oils in the freezer.

 This jar was so interesting. This is what she called floral water. It's the stuff that is left. There is some pure oil in the jar but it is mostly just good smelling water. This is NOT what you want to spend your money on. All the good stuff is in the oil and not the water, it really just gets the smell.

So there you have it... my day at the Young Living Lavender Farm. Y'all it was so wonderful. The only thing that I wished was that the fields of lavender were purple. But it's really about 3-4 weeks early for them to be blooming. These oils changed my life and getting to see where all the good stuff happens was amazing! Thank you Gary and Mary and Young Living for being so transparent and open to letting the public come and visit.

Summer Road trip...

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Hey Y'all!! This summer our road trip is longer than past years because of this kid:

This is my college kid! Off and on I have struggled with her being a senior and going off to college. She is a great kid and I know that she will be successful in what ever she decides to do, BUT this summer we wanted to spend extra time with her. So we loaded up the camper and headed west. Her request was to see Alaska, so we will be cruising too.

I have very limited supplies with me to craft anything. I will be sharing our trip, some of the things that Stampin' Up! has released, and some of the digital pocket style pages that I made using the Project Life app. Being inspired to create daily is important for me, I spent too long letting creating daily take a back seat. I hope that you find inspiration here and make some thing daily.

I am also using this time to think about and have a clear focus. Some of the things I'm jotting in my notebook of ideas include: video (project based), online classes, and LOTS of projects.

I would LOVE to be your Stampin'Up! Demonstrator!

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It’s here!! It’s here!!!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Hey y’all!! I hope that you have had a wonderful start to the summer. Our last day was Wednesday and I already miss my students and my teaching team. My family will be traveling a lot this month in celebration of the oldest child graduating high school. It’s going to be an old fashion road  trip. I plan to share some of the materials this month since I wasn’t able to bring many supplies with me. Think 5 people ages 16 and up in a truck pulling a camper. Not much craft space.

So let’s kick off June with a catalog video. Stampin Up! Made this one and I thought it was super cute!!! A couple of things to note:
* some of the blends are not in stock yet.
* the planner isn’t in stock yet either.
* you want to get signed up for Paper Pumpkin by June 10 if you want the kit that coordinates with one of the new stamp sets. You can sign up here. I will have a June Paper Pumpkin class in July.

I would LOVE to be your Stampin'Up! Demonstrator!

If you are in the United States and not currently working with a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, you can order supplies in my online store, here.

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