3 in 30 week 2... otherwise known "as the end of the world as I know it"

Sunday, January 15, 2012
WOW what a week. I've probably started and deleted this post 20 times. This week was not a good one. And I really don't know how to pull much positive from it... so I apologize now for this.

Let's start with challenge 1- no Dr pepper after 3pm. This has been a struggle for me this week... and I have to admit that on 3 different occasions I was still drinking dr pepper after 3. The first was a staff meeting where we were told the laundry list of things that we are not doing right and needed to be fixed before the state department of ed does their first of two walk throughs - starting on Jan 23. now this isn't so bad until you realize that a lot of what they want require me to stand in a chair and hang exemplars or anchor charts on my walls...and I am currently on crutches! That afternoon, I had to walk out of the meeting (ok crutch out) to the coke machine and get a dr pepper. Sorry body but my brain was melting down. I guess technically the second and third times really happened on the same day.. and that was the day that the world I know ended. I'll explain that in a minute. So as I left PT I got a route 44 (it was 2:50 and the news from PT wasn't good), and then headed back to school for an emergency staff meeting. I really thought it was another list of things I needed to do. SHOCK of shocks.. it wasn't (I promise to get to that part in a minute... just stay with me). So that route 44 ended up being nursed until almost 7pm.

And my table... well it's mostly clean. I'm going in Monday to work on it. I have been able to hold reading groups at the table AND I had a sped meeting that we sat around my table.

And now I present REM singing "it's the end of the world as we know it" and I'm trying to "feel fine", but honestly I don't. So my Friday started off with a trip to the dr and PT. Not the best news, my range of motion sucks in my hurt knee. I really struggle to do the exercises they want me to do and it HURTS! So while being forced to preform actions that made my knee hurt I get a text saying "emergency staff meeting, come quick". So I got back to school as quick as I could, but still walked in 5 minutes late and thinking that we were about to be hit with another to do list. Man was I wrong. My principal, someone I respect and am fortunate to call friend, meet me at the door. She told me that the woman speaking to the group was our new principal and that she had resigned. I feel like I have lost SO much. She was someone I took pride in teaching for and I knew where I stood with her. I feel like I've been sucker punched. and just in time for state walk throughs and audits. I've been crying off and on all weekend. Other teachers in my building have said "roll with the punches" and I will, but this hurts. And I guess it will for awhile... and it was the reason for the biggest breakdown in my dr pepper fight. I did decide on Saturday to cut it off at 2, and I've done the same today.

Just writing this hurts but I know I need to move past and get ready for a new chapter to start on Tuesday (oh and my MRI on Tuesday afternoon). I am truly hopeful that the new week is better when it comes to my goals. I also pray that they find the source of my knee issue and get it fixed.


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your better week! I didn't get far with my goals either.

  2. I'm sure getting a new principal so abruptly would be quite a blow. Your new administrator might just be as scared as you are. Hopefully they'll bring lots of grace into the situation and sooner than you think create a place that once again feels like home. Good luck!
    Forever in First

  3. I hope and pray that your week is better. I have been there when we changed principals, etc. Be open to the new one, you never know, you might actually like her. My school is turnaround and we have our state visit on the 27th. We are also magnet so we have tours every Thursday at 9a.m. which I give while my kids are with a para that I borrowed. Some of our current and former administrators always tell us to hold hands and support each other, we will be fine. Good luck and I am sure they will find a solution for your knee.

  4. Hope you feel better soon...and I am sorry about your principal =(
    First Grade Blue SKies

  5. Oh Karen! Prayers and blessings to you! I feel stressed just reading this post and it humbles me for anything that I thought might be a tough thing to go through! I am a BIG worrier although I am trying to be better about praying and giving it to God.

    I have several poems I share on my blog under the teacher inspiration label. Please go by and read them. I read them often when I am feeling pressured and stressed! They help me remember "why" I am a teacher and that sometimes all of the other "stuff" just needs to be let go because in the end the heart of the child is what matters. =)

    Heather's Heart


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