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Sunday, July 15, 2012
I am so grateful to the blogging teachers out there! The advice I was given was so heartfelt and honest. I believe that your words were what I needed, and the ideas were wonderful too!! I loved how I wasn't alone, and how so many shared their feelings, or struggles and how they moved on. I am very happy to report that I am starting to move on. I've done several things that were suggested along with Target and Walmart putting out school supplies. I'm a nerd but I LOVE new school supplies. And I am so happy to hear so many other teachers are too!

First let me share what I did to help me get the past behind me (to quote Pumba). I decided to create new labels, organize and re-label work folders. It was the re-labeling process that was  the best for me. This idea came from The Peterson Family. Her K team meets at the end of the year to complete folders. The team uses this time as a way to heal or just get off their chest the year, venting if need be, laughing or crying too. Once the process is over, then so is the year. I really loved this but my folders were long gone. In stead, I sat in our tiny "office"/ computer den and went through each child's work folder. I'm sure that the neighbors would have thought I had finally lost my mind if they were watching. I talked out loud about EVERY child. I had one student who's mom was in the military. Being a single parent she had brought the child to our school because he would be living with grandmother. He was only will me late August to November but that baby was so sweet. I cried over not being able to be his year long teacher. Then I came upon a triple D folder. I cried, I yelled and I put to bed that child. He or she is no longer my responsibility. I have done all that I could for them and they are moving on. I feel much better now that I have celebrated each child.

In this process I thought of something they do on Survivor, well I hope they still do I haven't watched it in a while. When it came down to the final 3 they would take a remembering journey. Along the way the came upon the torches of those who were voted out. Each person would speak about the fallen castaway. In the end the torches were burned. This cleaning out process felt much like that... a remembering and moving on.

Then I noticed that more and more people were starting to see items from Target or Walmart on their blogs. So I finished my healing with some retail therapy. I don't have pictures of everything but here are some things I got a Walmart... all 88 cents!
 I thought these would be cute to mail home! The welcome would go out the first week of school- yea I know I am going to be EXHAUSTED! But I think that it will be one way to reach my kids and start my parent communication. The ones with the bus say " a note from your teacher". I really want to write my parents each week. I want them to get a note that talks about their child's success or a celebration.
These are some letter stickers that I am going to use for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom name activities. There are 6 sheets in the pack for 88 cents! And the little owl ones were too cute to pass up!
Then they had these little stamp pads. I didn't like the ones from Target last year. I know alot of people had success with them, but I didn't. Again just 88 cents!

So between the clean out and the shopping I am starting to get excited about school starting back! I plan to hit Target too... my kids have writing camp this week so I'll have two hours to kill while they are at camp. :)


  1. Reorganizing and throwing things away always makes me feel better! So does shopping!! Your 88 cent finds are perfect so now I'm off to Wally World. I just need to check one more blog (hehe)...

    First Grade Fascination

  2. I am glad you were able to regain your joy. I have had some rough years where I have questioned my career choice. This past year was one of those years, not because of my students actually but more because of administration and overall environment. I had a miserable year, feeling very unappreciated. I was so exited to be offered a position at a very nice school and teaching my favorite grade again (Kindergarten). I have been out of Kinder for 2 years and while I am very excited to be returning but I keep worrying about going back to kinder, every once in a while I get nervous and anxious about it. Here's hoping that we both have a great year!

  3. Karen, I have taught for a long time and every so often, you do have an awful year. But even in the good years, there are struggles. One thing I have found is to seek out teachers with positive energy and avoid the ones that are negative. That helps me keep my eyes on what is going well.
    An Open Door

  4. So glad to hear that you're able to look forward to next year - so exciting. School here starts in 2 weeks - yes, that's right, 2 WEEKS!! And I'll have another batch of babies to start over with. And can I just say how jealous I am of your Target purchases - while I get to live on Maui there's no Target here. Enjoy your back to school shopping!!!!


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