New at SU! Changing seasons....

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Hey y'all!
I love when the weather turns cooler and jeans are a thing. I'm not a big fan of being hot... now being at the beach and laying by the ocean is a totally different thing! Just sayin'. I also do not like driving in ice or snowy weather either. But when the weather turns cool, I get really excited! 

Today's card uses a new set out of the Holiday Catalog called Menagerie Mix Up. I loved these little critters in the catalog but it was a set that I put off getting. Honestly, I was worried about all the little pieces and having to glue them together. But you know what? It's not that hard!! Stampin' Up! added some "tab" like pieces to the dies that make piecing the animals together a piece of cake!

For this card I wanted to make squirrels... but that is one of the animals that was not envisioned with this set so there is no bushy tail. That didn't stop me from making this set of gray squirrels!

I hope you liked this cool breezy feeling card. Don't forget to hop to the next blog.


  1. Your little critters are adorable and they definitely look ready for cooler weather.

  2. They could be any animal: Every person may see something different!


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